Centro en Calma

Términos y Condiciones

This contract describes the general terms and conditions (“TERMS AND CONDITIONS”) that are applied to the use of content, products and services offered by the website www.centroencalma.com (“WEBsite”), from which CENTRO EN CALMA S.C is the owner ("OWNER").


Any person willing to access or make use of the WEBSITE or the services offered therein, may do so subject to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, as well as to the policies and principles incorporated herein. In any case, any person who does not accept these terms and conditions must refrain from using the WEBSITE and/or acquiring the products and services that may be offered.


The purpose of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS is to regulate the access and use of the WEBSITE whose services ("Services") consist of enabling "Users" to come into contact with each other by providing or requesting services within the domain www.centroencalma.com


a. The "CLIENT" who wishes to contract the services offered by "CENTRO EN CALMA" must fill out the forms available on the "WEBSITE" choosing the type of service and how long it will last. "CENTRO EN CALMA" will send a “CERTIFIED THERAPIST” to the location provided by the "CLIENT".

b. Before the " SERVICE" begins, the client must sign a "LETTER OF INDEMNIFY" that will be provided by the "THERAPIST" in which he/she CONFIRME that he/she is in optimal health conditions to receive the "MASSAGE". In case there exists a medical contraindication, the "THERAPIST" will not provide the "SERVICE" and must leave the domicile.

c. At the end of the service, the "THERAPIST" will be in charge of collecting all the equipment used for the massage. After that he/she will verify everything is in order and leave the domicile.

d. The "CLIENT" will be able to hire the services as many times as required within the schedules that "CENTRO EN CALMA" has available.


When requesting a service through the "WEBSITE" the "CLIENT" shall make its payment by bank deposit or transfer:

a. Transferencia o deposito: el “CLIENTE” recibirá un correo electrónico con los datos bancarios de “CENTRO EN CALMA”. Deberá realizar el pago del 100% del servicio. Posterior a esto enviara vía WhatsApp el comprobante de pago para confirmar la cita.

b. The "CLIENT" will be able to bill the service by sending his billing information to the email: facturacion@centroencalma.com “CENTRO EN CALMA” is committed to reply with the bill in no more than three days after the service is provided.

c. The prices of the services include taxes.


a.If the "CLIENT" cancels the service within one to three hours before the appointment, the "CLIENT" will be charged 25% of the service (75% refund). In case the "CLIENT" cancels the service one hour or less before the "TERAPEUTIST" arrives to the appointment or once the "TERAPEUTIST" has arrived at the "CLIENT'S" domicile, there will not be a refund. If the "CLIENT" keeps the “TERAPEUTIST“ waiting for more than 20 minutes without starting the service, the "TERAPEUTIST" will leave the domicile and the charge will be done for 100% of the service.


a. “CENTRO EN CALMA” is a company that through its "WEBSITE" makes available to the "CLIENTS" a service offered by the "THERAPISTS". The service received by the "CLIENT" will be qualified by a phonecall made by the "QUALITY CONTROL" department after the massage is completed, this allows us to evaluate the quality of our services and keep a constant improvement.

b. “CENTRO EN CALMA” activities are limited to put " THERAPISTS" and "CLIENTS" in contact, and is not responsible for any contracting terms agreed between "THERAPIST" and "CLIENTS" once the connection made through the "WEBSITE" be completed.

c. In case an employment relationship arises between the "THERAPISTS" and the "CLIENT", the latter shall be the only responsible for complying with all work and social security regulations that may be applicable.


a. The "THERAPISTS" acknowledge that the only link between them and "CENTRO EN CALMA" consists of the one through which "CENTRO EN CALMA" is obligated to provide equipment, supplies and transportation, as well as training and advertising services, not existing any other kind of relationship between them.

b. The "CLIENTS" acknowledge that their only link with "CENTRO EN CALMA" consists of recieving the service of a "CERTIFIED THERAPIST" that fits the profile required to provide independent services, but contacted through the "WEBSITE".


a. In no case "CENTRO EN CALMA" will be responsible for the damages, prejudices or losses of any nature that the "THERAPISTS" or "CLIENTS" may suffer as a consequence of the contracting between them, as well as it will not be responsible for the terms of contracting agreed between "THERAPISTS" and "CLIENTS".